Generic HIS “Pay as you go”

An efficient and future-proof Hospital Information System (HIS) is a key component of a viable health system as Healthcare business models are evolving rapidly. Today, there is need to control processes that govern this sector as costs rise and there is a requirement to manage the information that health professionals need.

What you can do with Generic HIS

Increase your revenues and profits

Measure and optimize to create better strategies and tactics using standard MIS and standard reports

Increase Brand Reputation

Provide a wow patient experience and get more referrals through your happy patients

Optimize Productivity

Leverage automation and Data flow across departments to ensure optimum productivity levels for your team

Reduce Inventory Leakages

Maximize your inventory control to ensure that you have a tight control and optimum reorder levels

Increase Visibility

Use Audit Trail to track everything in your hospital. Track your user’s actions and movement using it.


This module will take care of services provided by the hospital. Rate of services is charged by rules of hospital. It will consider panel, Night Charges, Emergency charges , Age of patient and other parameters while calculating the rate of services for a particular patient. Pre-admission forms for different TPA can be set. After admission limit of Panel's approval will be taken care of.

  • Admin has full rights in the system.
  • Admin create Doctor, Nurse, Patient and other users.
  • Attractive dashboards for Doctor, Patient, Nurse and other User.
  • Manage complete hospital operations.
  • Tracking of consultant share for OPD /Indoor procedures. Option for defining consultant shared based on procedures/department

Reception / Outpatient Management

The Outpatient Module caters to all the physicians’ related activities like:

  • Option to collect /view patient vital parameters
  • View Electronic Patient Medical record
  • Physician order entry, diagnosis
  • Patient’s medical allergies and alerts
  • Capture patient’s complaints
  • Ordering (clinical and non-clinical)
  • Link patient to a suitable health package
  • Medical alerts
  • Package registration
  • Patient’s visit history

Help Desk

  • Easy to generate doctor and consultant related financial information
  • Schedule doctor timings on visit, duration, days
  • Doctor out of station alerts
  • Integration of visit information with out-patient consulting
  • Manage multiple and cross consultation during visits
  • Exhaustive query system for easy retrieval of patient information
  • Reduce rush at front office during peak hours
  • Allocate appointment priorities for emergency cases
  • Configure patient visit validity on parameters such as visit, duration and admission
  • SMS enabled patient booking system with alerts.
  • Patient SMS reminder alerts on appointment

Inpatient and Ward Management

Inpatient Management Modules handles the Admission Discharge and Transfer Functions, Ward management Functions and Operation Theatre Management Functions.

  • View BED /ROOM /WARD occupancy and availability
  • Patient room transfer
  • Physician Order Entry, Progress notes/Round reports
  • Patient EMR
  • Anesthesia details
  • Nursing notes
  • Drug chart, vital chart
  • Generate discharge notification
  • Patient discharge and discharge summary
  • Capture all Delivery details
  • Pre and postoperative Doctor notes

Operation Theatre

Our operation theater module is designed to provide consolidated management of operation theater processes and procedures. The operation theater module is also designed to enable operation theater booking, scheduling, and surgical process management and also handle any related discharge procedures.

  • OT Scheduling for specific surgeries and priority booking
  • Recording Operation Notes during surgery consisting of Vital Signs, BP, Pulse, IV Fluids, R.R., Drugs given and complication related events is available in the system
  • Post-operative details such as Investigations, Recovery Conditions, Problems, Pain Management are recorded into the system
  • Pre-Operative checks like Pre-Anesthesia, Anesthesia type, Investigations required, Risk Assessment, and Pre-operative instructions are maintained in the system.

Pharmacy Module

The Pharmacy Module caters to the retail Out Patient pharmacy, General Outpatient pharmacy, the ward and Inpatient Pharmacies.

  • Stock Control
  • Drug association to suppliers
  • Dosage calculation
  • Contra indications
  • Enquiry generation
  • Quotations based on enquiry
  • Purchase order generation
  • Goods receipt (GRN)
  • Drug Expiry control

Laboratory Information System

The Laboratory module automates the investigation request and the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital. The Laboratory module caters to Biochemistry, Cytology, Hematology, Microbiology, Serology, and Neurology.

  • Provision to set reference range for each tests
  • Delta values and trend analysis
  • Alerts for abnormal results
  • Sample Result Entry
  • Bulk Sample Request
  • Sample Details
  • Samples Received from External Laboratory
  • Samples Dispatch to External Reference Laboratory
  • Investigation and Treatment History

General Stores/Inventory

General Stores and Inventory module deals with Purchase of Items, Issue of Items, Maintenance of Stock, Automatic Reorder level Setting, Online request for stock from various sub-stores, Online stock transfer, maintenance of stock at different sub-stores, Physical stock verification and adjustment, Return of items to supplier etc.

  • Stock Purchase through Enquiry generation
  • Sub stores issues and receipt of stocks
  • Option to include and track gift or donation of stock
  • Quotations and Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchase order generation and processing- LPO, Emergency
  • Purchase order, Principal and Blanket PO
  • Goods Receipt Note and Purchase returns
  • Stock expiry
  • Invoice verification and management
  • Supplier management

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