IT Services

We create IT-enabled business solutions for our clients by leveraging our domain and business expertise along with a complete range of services.

Application Services

Performance Engineering is imperative to ensure the scalability of your IT systems. According to Gemini's expert, software engineering achieves a higher level of maturity through performance-driven development. This software engineering approach focuses on performance across the software development lifecycle, from business requirements gathering to go-live. Significantly, it extracts maximum value from your IT systems by ensuring higher predictability, lower risks and improved productivity.


Architecture Services

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is increasingly performing an active role in strategic business planning and is an important tool for IT governance. Most organizations, however, continue to face obstacles in implementation, according to Gemini's Enterprise Architecture Survey 2007. The survey of architects and decision-makers reveals that effective Enterprise Architecture requires managing standards and promoting best practices in architecture.


Services Enterprise

The Gemini Enterprise Services catalogs its services into three service portfolios which are,

  • Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing (ITO) - includes maintaining the operation of part or all of a client's computer and communications infrastructure, such as networks, mainframes, "midrange" and Web servers, desktops and laptops, and printers.
  • Applications Services - involves the developing, integrating, modernizing, and/or maintaining of applications software for clients.
  • Industry Services, including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) - addresses the core business challenges of clients in five key industries: healthcare, transportation, communications, government, and financial services, among others. BPO group is an integral part of the portfolio, which involves performing a business function for a client, like payroll, call centers, insurance claims processing, and so forth.

This initiative seeks to highlight the fundamental shifts in the way information technology is being used to meet changing business models and the growing role of technology to drive business decisions and help organizations achieve economic growth, improve efficiency, and to further the development of society through the use of technology. In a larger context, the initiative seeks to help forward-thinking companies and government agencies have a more evolutionary, business-driven approach to how they deliver IT services, including solutions to modernize, transform, secure, and maximize the use of technology.


Independent Validation

Independent validation from The Gemini focuses on enabling organizations to function with minimal disruption. These services optimize business outcome by ensuring that solutions have near-zero defects. These also ascertain that testing ratifies every transaction for optimal performance, from all angles, to ensure that the applications do not slow down the business process. The independent validation services use rigorous validation methodologies to consistently deliver high quality solutions. Custom validation addresses the basic testing needs of such as functional and integration testing.


Information Management Services

Information Management (IM) has become essential for businesses to enable the seamless flow of information, enhance business agility and increase their competitive advantage.

We design and deliver best-in-class custom Information Management solutions to help you manage and integrate data across your organization, making it ubiquitously available, accurate, complete and secure. We partner with you across the entire lifecycle by using our expertise in data migration, data governance, data quality, metadata management, Master Data Management (MDM), Customer Data Integration (CDI), Product Information Management (PIM), Business Intelligence (BI), data warehousing and predictive analytics. We deliver a wide range of business and technology services, including strategy roadmap development, technology selection, solution architecture, information governance and advisory support.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we will optimize your internal and external data management and governance to help you make better-informed business decisions.


Infrastructure Services

Over the years, The Gemini diversified its portfolio to provide end-to-end enterprise IT infrastructure solutions and went on to pioneer the Offshore Remote Infrastructure Management Industry. Today this team, known as The Gemini-India, is delivering end to end IT solutions across Applications and Infrastructure using its Business Aligned IT Services to Indian IT organizations across Industry sectors like:

  • Life sciences & Healthcare
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Media, Publishing & Entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Real Estate

SOA Services

Service-oriented architecture(SOA) is a software design and software architecture design pattern based on discrete pieces of software that provide application functionality as services, known as Service-orientation. A service is a self-contained logical representation of a repeatable function or activity. Services can be combined by other software applications that together, provide the complete functionality of a large software application.The purpose of SOA is to allow easy cooperation of a large number of computers that are connected over a network. Every computer can run an arbitrary number of services, and each service is built in a way that ensures that the service can exchange information with any other service within the reach of the network without human interaction and without the need to make changes to the underlying program itself.